If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

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When students lead, they succeed

The preparation and stress to prepare for the SLC’s (Student Led Conferences) was more than I had anticipated, however, the result made it all worthwhile.  I was so proud of my students leading their conferences with their parents.  I was surprised that some of my most outspoken students were the most timid and anxious.  I had not realized how nervous they were.  I loved seeing how the parents interacted with their children. I allowed for 30 minutes for each conference, which seemed like too much time, but we used every minute.  I think one conference ended 5 minutes early, but other than that, it was needed.  It also allowed me to discuss some important issues regarding individual students. Overall, I received positive feedback from parents and I felt really pleased about the entire day.  I look forward to moving to the next step and developing deeper reflections with the 4th graders. I am sending home a survey to the parents and hopefully I will get some positive comments to share.





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This conference day I am trying something different.  The 5th graders successfully completed Student Led Conferences earlier in the year with their Mrs.Zavon, and they found it was beneficial to the parents, the students, and the teachers.  Once I heard about their experience, I was ready to try it out with the 4th graders.  I loved the idea of the students taking ownership of their own learning.  Not only can they share their achievements, but they can also reflect on the areas they need to work on in order to improve.  It is a time for my students to reflect honestly and make goals.  We have been diligently writing reflections this week to share with the parents.  My plan was for each child to reflect on a quality piece of writing, share areas of growth in math and/or Social Studies, share achievements in Jewish Studies, and strengths and weaknesses in their work habits.  The students also wrote new goals for the last nine weeks.  They also had to show their technology skills by hyperlinking, adding images, properly citing their images, and provide evidence for their parents. They will reflect on the experience on their blogs after conference day.  Stay tuned our first SLC‘s in 4th grade.

Check out some of their reflections: