If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

Two Weeks Down….

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Cross posted on Class blog.

I continued to work on important grammar skills by using the mentor sentences at the start of each class. These skills included subjects/predicates, prepositions, adjectives, and compound sentences.

Book Commercial.cl2doc

Several students also practiced sharing their first “Book Commercials” in class. I have assigned students dates to present Book Commercials through December. 

Most students have started their second novel since school started. They are adding books to their A to Z charts as soon as they complete each book. Here is my current A to Z chart:



 The students are really enjoying both class “read aloud” novels. It does take a lot of time out of class, so I have tried to minimize the read aloud time to 10 minutes or less.


I started with personal narratives for our first writing assignments. The students created a graphic organizer and they have written introductions. We are going to draft the “Rising Action” and “Climax” portions of the stories this week. The following week will conclude the drafting process when they write the “Falling Action” and “Resolution” portions to their stories. The final step will include publishing the stories on the blogs.


I am really enjoying all of my classes.  I have had a great turn out for my “Book Club” both this week and last week.  We have about 12 students signed up weekly.


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