If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

When students lead, they succeed

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The preparation and stress to prepare for the SLC’s (Student Led Conferences) was more than I had anticipated, however, the result made it all worthwhile.  I was so proud of my students leading their conferences with their parents.  I was surprised that some of my most outspoken students were the most timid and anxious.  I had not realized how nervous they were.  I loved seeing how the parents interacted with their children. I allowed for 30 minutes for each conference, which seemed like too much time, but we used every minute.  I think one conference ended 5 minutes early, but other than that, it was needed.  It also allowed me to discuss some important issues regarding individual students. Overall, I received positive feedback from parents and I felt really pleased about the entire day.  I look forward to moving to the next step and developing deeper reflections with the 4th graders. I am sending home a survey to the parents and hopefully I will get some positive comments to share.




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