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It All Started with a Twist!

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For this week’s writing assignment, the students were to choose a picture of animals and create a story with a dialogue.  We were working on the use of proper quotation marks and punctuation marks.  Here is an example from one of my fifth graders.

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 In 1985, Michael Truman opened up a new, huge, and up-to-date movie theater. It was a hit! In the first three days, the theater had 1,500 customers. Michael thought he would become rich! Until one day, that year, when everything fell to the floor.

“Come on, get into the steel room! Twister!” screamed Michael. “Ok, ok we’re coming!” exclaimed Hoppers with a stuffed mouth, munching on popcorn. “What’s the code to get in?” panicked Popo. “It’s, It’s… I can’t tell you,” answered Michael. “HURRY UP!” Screamed Popo. “It’s ok, it’s ok, I’m here,” answered Michael, panting.

“TWISTER?” Lulu and Alex asked at the same time. “Buboom,” they both exclaimed, while bumping hips, as always when they say the same Words at the same time. “Someone get me out of here!” Popo exclaimed while heading to the door, looking outside at the twister. “Never mind, I’m good here,” replied Popo in a whisper to himself.

As everybody made their way into the steel room, Michael was the last one out, and he noticed one of the glass doors flew off. When he saw this happen, he slammed the door shut, and turned the key.

Inside the steel room, there was a puny television, and a couch, big enough to sit two people. “Ok, I have an idea,” Popo
confessed, “how about I sit down first, then everyone else, so I don’t have to see anything?” “Sure, why not,” replied Alex, in an unenthusiastic way.

As everyone sat down, Michael asked, “Care to watch a movie?”
“Yeah,” replied Lulu, “but I’m afraid of scary movies,”
“Ok, not scary,” Michael whispered to himself, looking through the bin of tapes. “How about The Wizard of Oz?” asked Michael.
“I saw that movie yesterday, do we have to?” asked bunny.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” questioned Michael.
Bunny replied, “Yeah, but-”
Michael interrupted, “This is the only one in here that’s not scary.”
“Ok fine,” Bunny replied with a sigh.

“I think this movie is sort of scary. Dorothy got caught in a twister, and we are in the middle of a twister, so…can we not watch this?” asked Popo. “…but after, Dorothy gets brought to a happy place!” replied Fred. “Plus, what else would we do?” asked Lulu. “Hmmm,” Lulu and Alex thought, and said out loud at the same time. “Buboom!” they exclaimed, again, while bumping hips.

That “Baboom” made it a long way. The twister stopped, and the entire theater was ruined. Michael thought to himself, ” I have spent all his time and money on building the theater, and now it’s been torn apart”, but no. This place became a success again. With donations from everywhere, there was even more money than the theater needed to be rebuilt, so Michael donated the leftover money to people who lost their homes during the twister.

Thanks to the community, life got back to how it used to be. To think it all started with a twister. It’s like “The Wizard of Oz”. It all gets better at the end, and it did.

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