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Chatty Animals

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For this week’s writing assignment, the students were to choose a picture of animals and create a story with a dialogue.  We were working on the use of proper quotation marks and punctuation marks.  Here are three students’ creative stories.

A Prehistoric Conversation

A long time ago, in prehistoric times, there were dinosaurs. The dinosaurs hunted for food, stayed with their herd, tried to avoid carnivores, and tried to survive the big jungle environment. Once there was a young raptor being chased by a huge  T-Rex,‘‘ I`m gonna get you!’’ roared the intense T-Rex.
“Just see what happens!” yelled the little raptor. The little raptor ran as fast as it could, but the T-Rex was still close behind. Up ahead was an end of a mountain. “I’ve been trapped!” screeched the raptor. “You set this up! Didn’t you?’’ asked the raptor. The T-Rex said in reply, “No, I really didn’t. But that was actually really awesome!”
“So wait, you’re trying to hunt me down and before this you already ate something. I know because before you saw me I saw you eating a triceratops.” proved the raptor.
“Well, I did already eat something….” said the T-Rex.  Before he could finish the sentence, the raptor interrupted, “You see! Then why do you want another meal?”
“Why not?” asked the T-Rex. ”If you want another meal, then don`t eat me! Choose a different dinosaur,” replied the raptor. “Look, I see a big herd of macrophalangia.” “ Really?” replied the T-Rex. ”Ok!”. As the T-Rex ran a distance from the raptor, the raptor tried to escape. He ran through the dark jungle leaping,gliding, and the raptor escaped from the T-Rex.
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Once upon a time, there was Baily the Bunny, Mr. Bear, Mama wolf and Baby wolf.  Their owner loved them a lot, but one day… their owner walked into a store without them.  Their owner had never left them anywhere.  They got really scared!
So, they decided to make a plan of how to get out of the car.  “I think we should bang on the windows until someone hears us,” Baily suggested.  “No, I think we should call 911,” argued Baby wolf.  “I know! Maybe we could dance until our owner comes back!” Mr. Bear exclaimed.  “But what if I don’t like dancing?!” Baily complained.
“Hey look, it’s our owner!!” shouted Baily.  “Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!” cheered Baby wolf.   “Shhhhh!!!” whispered Mama wolf.  “Everyone, get back in your places!” Mama wolf continued, “Don’t let our owner know that we can talk!”  “I’m baaack!” the owner greeted them with a smile.
Here is a picture of my favorite animal:
   What is you favorite animal?
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It was a hot summer afternoon and the lion had just awoken when he overheard the foxes conversing, “I hope the lion doesn’t attempt to eat us again today,” whispered the fox on the left. “I know right,” sighed the fox on the right. Just then, the lion jumped out from the bush he was hiding in and scared the foxes. Then, the foxes ran as fast as they could to get away. “Run!” yelled the fox on the left. “No, hide!” exclaimed the fox on the right. They both managed to jump into a bush on their side. “I hope we don’t get eaten,” commented the fox on the left. “Be quiet,” whispered the fox on the right. The lion came to a sudden halt, sniffing the air. ”I smell two nice foxes that I want to……. play with!” yelled the lion. “Do you think we can trust him?” asked the fox on the left. “Of course I do!” yelled the fox on the right. “Hello Mr. lion!” exclaimed both foxes. “Why, hello there young foxes,” replied the lion. “Can we play together?” asked the lion. “Sure,” replied both foxes. “Let’s go to the field!” exclaimed the lion. Then, the foxes went off to play with the lion and played happily, it eventually became their daily routine and they lived happily ever after.
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  1. The best best part is seeing these writers develop through their stories.
    NIce trust factor in the fox lion one.

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