If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

A New App on the iPad

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This week was a short week, but we were able to accomplish so much.  The students are in a great routine with our Daily 3.  We determined that trying to squeeze in three rotations each day is too much, so we are narrowing it down to two rotations each day. We will start this routine next week.

Students completed their graphic organizers for our next writing assignment.  Students will be writing an expository essay explaining “how to” do something.  We are also going to do our drafting process on Google Docs, so that the students know that they must use the writing process for all of their published posts.

We introduced a new app on the iPad today.  It is called Pop Words.  We tried it out together in class, and the students really enjoyed it.  If you have an iPad at home, it is a great app to download.

The students also gained stamina this week in their reading and writing.  They have continued to work on their word work using the dry erase boards and the computers, as well.

We have finished our first reading assessments for each student in the class.  We will begin to work on specialized reading strategies during the 2nd nine week period, when we introduce the next step in our new program, CAFE.



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