If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

Writing is so Exciting!

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Students brainstormed reasons for WHY we write.  Check out all of the great reasons why my students will be writing daily in class.

Next, we discussed WHAT we could write about.

We discussed WHERE we would write in the classroom.  Students decided that they would write at their desks, the computers, the carpet, or other comfortable places in the room.  The supplies they need for daily writing include their journals, pencils, and graphic organizers.

Finally, we began to model the appropriate behaviors for writing. Of course, we had the inappropriate way modeled too.

Once we finished all of these steps, we began our first day of writing.  Due to time, we managed to write for just under 10 minutes.  Once we begin our full rotations, students will be writing and reading for up to 30 minutes daily.

Check out our successful first day of building stamina with writing.


See more on my classroom blog.


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